This time last week, it was all feeling a little bit anti-climactic. He’d fluffed the oath, the speech had been a bit of a letdown, and the dancing, while cute, was not quite as good as it could have been.

But the bigger problem was this: now that Barack Obama was finally in the Oval Office, what were we going to do with all that news time? When I voiced my fears about this very situation a few months ago, a fellow Brit expat suggested I get into local politics. I believe I may have scoffed.

How wrong I was. While Barack sets about saving the environment, closing Guantanamo and generally being a goody-two-shoes (yawn), it’s the local politicians who are having all the fun.

Step forward Rod Blagojevich and David Paterson. The former: the foul-mouthed, bushy haired Illinois governor who allegedly tried to sell or trade the Senate seat left open by Obama. Yesterday Blago went on a publicity tour that took in all the most important news media outlets: Larry King, Good Morning America, er, and The View, which is the American version of the UK’s Loose Women. Exactly.

David Paterson, meanwhile, is the governor of New York State, also in need of a new senator now Hillary Clinton is playing with the big boys. (Some background: Paterson got his job after the previous incumbent, Eliot Spitzer, was caught using call girls. See what I’m talking about?)

Paterson decides its important to hire a woman to replace a woman, so ums and ahs over the very liberal Caroline Kennedy for aaaages, before settling on Kirsten Gillibrand, a Democrat endorsed by the National Rifle Association. (No, me neither.)

See? Brilliant. Boris Johnson has nothing on these people.