OK, so first of all, yes, rubbish at updating this lately, busy, you know…

Secondly, blimey: if you needed any proof that Americans can and do readily live up to every stereotype we commie Euros believe, how about a week like that one.

Let’s start with guns.

This week, a little boy, 11 year old Jordan Brown of Lawrence Country, Pennsylvania, was arrested and taken into custody on suspicion of shooting his father’s girlfriend. With a gun. His gun. A gun described as a youth-model 20-gauge shotgun. Yes, that’s right: a gun aimed at children, which – and stop me if you can beat me to the punchline – does not have to be registered.

Did I mention she was eight months pregnant?

Now obviously I’m not saying that all Americans just live for weaponry, just in case there are any Americans reading this. It’s just that every time something like this happens, Brits, Canadians, basically everyone except the Swiss, says, well dur.

To raise the tone up from astoundingly depressing (although let’s not forget he’s only been taken into custody – an adult jail, mind) to absurdly uplifting: did you see Obama’s speech to Congress? If ever you needed proof that Americans and Brits are cut from different cloth, here you go.

Because in the House of Commons, if the Prime Minister (or even, let’s face it, the Queen) gets up and makes the biggest deal of speeches, you don’t get 37 standing ovations. And 65 interruptions for applause.

The funnest thing (drinking game maybe? Next time…) was to watch what made the Republicans get out of their seats. Turns out, they agree with the idea that bosses of failing banks shouldn’t be allowed to buy new private planes. Woo hoo. Maybe bipartisanship isn’t just a pipe dream after all…

(Next time, btw, I’m posting some pictures of cats. Honest.)