This is the counter in Rite Aid, a chain-store chemist:

The width of this lady is not coincidental

The width of this lady is not coincidental

Keen-eyed readers will note several interesting details:

1. The large selection of sweets available to purchase on the spur of the moment.

2. The cigarettes.

3. The slightly obscured sign for the ‘No Smoking Center’, right next to the cigarettes. Here, you can choose from a large selection of nicotine patches and gum, if you’ve managed to resist the fags. (To the left of the Non Smoking Center, you can also buy pipes, loose tobacco and various other smoking paraphenalia.)

4. The fact that the lady is buying Haagen Dasz.

5. The fact that this is a chemist. In a country with a mysteriously high percentage of very fat, unhealthy people.