I know I’m one to talk, seeing as it’s nearly two years since hit pause on this blog without a goodbye. (Hey, I’m still in New York, and much to my own surprise, I am still culture shocked.)

But what’s with all the reruns? Why, in the middle of every TV series, is it OK to just chuck on an old episode (of Glee, say, like tonight’s rerun of last November’s sectionals episode), without so much as a warning? If it’s because they need to catch up with the shooting schedule, do they really only work that out on the night itself?

Because here’s what happens: you curl up on the sofa, ready to shut down higher brain function for an hour with the latest Grey’s Anatomy/House/Bones/Good Wife etc, and what do you get? Disappointment. And then, if you’re me, you get a bit cross.

At times like this, I want to storm the TV execs’ offices, and ask a tiny favour: to tell us the week before so we know not to bother tuning in. Or at least, they could put a little ‘R’ for rerun on the info page.

Too much to ask?

As Kristen Wiig says in the excellent Bridesmaids when Jon Hamm asks if anyone else could squish her breast like he does, ‘Probably…’