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Tornado warning over Manhattan, July 2010, by RM

This weekend, an epidemic of insomnia swept through the city. OK, so I can’t actually prove that, but in the highly unscientific survey I have conducted of the literal handful of people I’ve spoken to since Saturday, there are maybe four who, like me, have repeatedly woken up drenched in sweat every night since Thursday.

Tonight I finally realised the reason, and I’m at least 85 per cent sure it’s not the onset of early menopause: the Humidity has arrived. Read the rest of this entry »


Now that the Great Blackberry Famine of 2011 has been averted (and more importantly, my biometrics appointment with USCIS won’t be cancelled next Friday), one’s thoughts turn to other more important things. Like why, in a country that brought us the iPad2 and AMC’s really quite good remake of The Killing, recycled toilet roll is such a disaster.

A couple of weeks back, I hit up Pathmark for a quart of milk (ha, get me with the lingo), and grabbed a 24-pack of Marcal Small Steps, thinking: large pack, less packaging, even more eco points for me when they do my 360 evaluation at the gates to hell. Read the rest of this entry »