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Yup, we did those. Quite chuffed too.

Americans love a holiday – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day – any excuse to buy decorations. (Yes, Mother’s Day and Halloween aren’t actually holidays, but that’s just another difference in our mutual language – if you mean holiday, you say vacation.)

This weekend, an entire houseful of grown-ups dipped boiled eggs (and our fingers) in dye and had a thoroughly good time. I can’t say I remember decorating eggs since the age of six, and I can’t imagine anyone I know doing it back home, but the American enthusiasm for tradition knows no bounds. The Brit in me wonders if it’s because they have such a short history; the expat thinks it’s great.


The latest texting acronym to be seen on phones across America? The delicately put, all purpose get-out, “ite”. (And no, it’s not like saying “uck”, nsfw-style.)

It stands for In This Economy – as in:

wd lv 2 cm 4 dnnr w u at the waverly, bt ite…

Which, loosely translated, means:

What kind of freakish 2005 throwback are you, you insensitive, still-employed scumbag?

If you haven’t heard this fabulous bit of audio, click here immediately. Unless a stream of swearwords emanating from your computer is likely to get you fired. Then again, it didn’t get him fired.

This, in case you’ve been under a rock, is the sound of Batman going mental at the director of photography when he wandered into shot on a film set, thereby disrupting Bale’s, ahem, craft. Apart being from a brilliant insight into a side of the movie industry that you rarely get first hand, the other fascinating thing is his accent, which, as my fellow expat dad pointed out, whips back and forth across the Atlantic.

I’d laugh, if it wasn’t so close to home. I can no longer say ‘route’ or ‘router’ without pronouncing it like ‘out’. No one understands you if you ask for ‘a bottle of water’ without turning every ‘t’ into a ‘d’. I’ve even heard myself say ‘ledduce’, which is horrible, but still not as bad as my boyfriend’s ‘ciddee’, as in ‘Nu Yoik Ciddee’.

Worse than the accent creep, though, the actual words themselves. I’ve said I’d like to ‘meet with’ someone, and asked for trashbags for the trashcan, and the check, and the bathroom, and said, ‘stay on the sidewalk’, but I haven’t gone as far as ‘awesome!’, pronounced like ‘ah-so!’. Omigod, there’s no coming back from that.